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Moda Polska



Tryptic illustrating the history of fashion in Poland regarding the political, social and cultural issues. The project is also available in a laser-printed version using linocut techniques. 


While living in Poland, as part of my studies, I decided to carry out this personal project entitled 'Moda Polska', meaning 'Polish Fashion'. I was highly inspired by polish graphic posters, handmade artwork, fashion, architecture, traveling, poles daily life etc. Behind this landscape embodying the evolution of polish fashion, I wanted to tell a story. It is the story of a country occupied by war and totalitarian regimes and influenced by religious conservatism and social issues. It is also the story of the first struggles for LGBT and women's rights, from freedom of dress, of the awareness of the younger generations, of the celebration of Polish craftsmanship. The idea of this project was also to pay tribute to leading figures who fought to defend human values or to denounce ecological concerns. It is first of all the story of a country that has never ceased to put forward its everlasting patriotism - notably through fashion design.

Format: 36x53 / 108x53 cm