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Solar Return Event / Acne Studio
Institut Français de la Mode x Le Bon Marché



Scenography art direction for le Bon Marché.

Scenography design and communication event choosing the brand Ane Studio. Workshop project as part of the Master program in Fashion Image at Institut Français de la Mode.

In the framework of the workshop IFM x Le Bon Marché, the brief was to imagine a scenography experience by choosing a brand of our choice. As a group, we decided to work on Acne Studio and to imagine the scenography for a fictional event celebrating the Acne Spring/Summer 2021 collection. Described as a ‘personal and spiritual rebirth’ collection, we wanted to highlight the designer’s creative process inspired by the spiritual moonrise. The epidemic crisis since 2019 have provoked the need of human reconnection and hope of tomorrow. The Solar Return event is an opportunity to live an immersive, emotional and healing experience celebrating the Acne SS21 collection. The physical and digital installation is a journey throughout the numerous light phases of the day. Visitors walk through a labyrinth divided by a glass wall and each time two hands touch the same area of the wall, it lights up with abstract patterns from the SS21 collection. Visitors will be given an iridescent pouch containing personalized Acne tactile gloves to make the light patterns appear. We wanted to combine the idea of human connection that people miss, with the spiritual rebirth theme of the SS21 collection through an immersive and interactive experience.

Mentor: Frederic Bodenes (Le Bon Marché)

Art Direction team: Igliona Duveau, Dior Sow, Laure de Richemont

3D: Dior Sow


Acne Studio Spring-Summer 2021 / Look 22

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