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Endless Dream Show
Institut Français de la Mode x Villa Eugénie 




Scenography project choosing the brand Hermès.

Workshop project as part of the Master program in Fashion Image at Institut Français de la Mode.


In the framework of this workshop in collaboration with Villa Eugénie, the goal was to re-think a previous Hermès fashion show. We chose the 2019 Women spring-summer collection, full of sophisticated lines inspired by the marine world. For our creative approach, we draw our inspiration from the poetic dimension that is part of the Hermès universe and its 2019 campaign focusing on the fundamental of luxury: its ability to generate dream. Our story-telling concept is as follows: in the middle of the calm sea, lost in a dreamlike landscape with the horizon stretching out, models emerge from a Hermès boat. In collaboration with a 3D artist, we reproduced a surrealist sea world where sky and sea merge as one entity. Our imagined show was to take place at la Cité du Cinéma in a large studio of 2,000 square-meters so as to reproduce an endless landscape. Using the dream theme of Hermès 2019 advertising, the objective of this scenography project was to offer an immersive and emotional client experience that tells the story of Hermès roots linked to the marine world. 

Mentor: Etienne Russo (Villa Eugénie)
Art Direction team: Yasmin Regisford & Laure de Richemont

CGI Artist: Nick Gundersen


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