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Daily Life Savers AD Campaign
Institut Français de la Mode x Hermès




Art direction and advertising campaign for Hermès.

Workshop as part of the Master Program in Fashion Image at Institut Français de la Mode.

The brief of this project was to propose the art direction concept for a new Hermès small leather goods advertising introducing versatile, playful and ingenious products specially made for daily life. Targeting 35 years old and gender fluid individuals very active and hyper-connected, we propose to transform the products in daily life saviors. Drawing our inspirations from the spy movies and 1950’s cinema techniques, 2 models are acting as young charismatic secret agents of today showing, hiding or revealing the essential leather goods to be displayed as lifesaviors. The round or square frame stopping on the actions and spotting the products became the personal signature of the campaign. The catchphrase in mirror effect is a code to be decrypted. A small asterisk invites the viewer to complete the mission: to have a look at this image in the mirror to be able to read the message. Advice number 1 ‘Cover up’, advice number 2 ‘Spot’ and advice number 3 ‘Reveal’ are illustrated by the way both protagonists wear the products. At the crossroads with accessories, SML become small daily objects and lifesavers that slip in and out of the pocket.

Mentor: Christophe Renard

Art Direction team: Eugen Timofejev, Marie Escamez, Laure de Richemont

Photographer: Nicolas Guiraud

Models: Thibault Juillard (City Models), Aissatou Sy (Le Bureau Booking)

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