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Chanel Narrative Collages
Institut Français de la Mode x Lia Rochas-Paris



Collage project choosing the brand Chanel.

Handmade collages applied on digital content. Personal project mentored by Lia Rochas-Paris as part of the Master program in Fashion Image at Institut Français de la Mode. 


Chanel is a French company founded in 1909 which produces haute couture, ready-to-wear, accessories, perfumes and luxury jewelry. The brand’s image is intimately linked to the history of founder and designer ‘Coco’ Gabrielle Chanel, who broke gender codes by following strong convictions to liberate women’s bodies and privilege aesthetic and functional garments. This collage project is inspired by the arts and crafts theme of the fashion house. Continuing in this direction, the aim was to tell the story of Chanel’s unique style through handmade collages telling the story of the house most iconic products and revealing what lies behind Chanel’s creative process. These collages would be posted on Instagram as a significant communication tool for today fashion brands and to sensitize viewers to the brand’s rich and inspiring heritage. The visuals embody Chanel’s major inspirations such as mixing men’s and women’s pieces, the symbolic meaning of the color black, the importance of Chanel’s jewelries or the iconic shape of the N5 perfume bottle. Using print as my very first medium, my objective was also to depict Chanel's powerful visual language. Using a variety of plastic experimental techniques, papers and textures, the aim was to recall the importance of craftsmanship that is dear to the fashion House’s artistic heritage and cultural knowledge.

Mentor: Lia Rochas-Pàris

Visuals in use: Please Magazine Issue 25, Vogue France Issue 1000

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